Our Food

Have a look at our dine-in menu below and explore the variety of authentic Indian dishes we have to offer, all freshly prepared with only the finest ingredients.

Dine-In Menu


Onion Bhajia (v) - £3.50

Tangy batter fried onion fritters

Aloo Tikki Chaat - £4.85

Crunchy potato patties with spicy chick peas, yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutney.

Zaffrani Scallops (S) - £6.75

Pan seared king scallops crusted with cumin and fennel, served with saffron sauce.

Tawa Calamari Chilli - £5.95

Stir fried calamari tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilli and coconut cream.

Bombay Crab Cakes (s) - £5.85

Blue swimmer crab cakes infused with coastal herbs and spices, served with sweet chilli chutney.

Shikampuri Seekh Kebab - £4.95

Lamb mince skewers flavoured with garam masala, mint leaves cooked in a tandoor finished with egg wash and deep fried.

Punjabi Chicken Samosa - £4.85

Chicken with cumin seeds and dry mango powder encased in a flaky pastry made in house.

Adraki Lamb Chops - £6.95

Succulent char grilled ginger flavoured lamb chops.

Amritsari Fried Fish - £5.85

Chick pea flour batter fried fish flavoured with Carom seeds. Truly Punjabi all the way!

Trio of Chicken Tikka - £5.65

Combination of Malai tikka, Hariyali tikka and Achari tikka

Lasooni Tiger Prawn - £6.75

Garlic flavoured tiger prawns served with house made mint chutney.

Raas Leela Sampler Platter - £9.95

A sharing platter for two! Combining Achari chicken tikka, chicken samosa, lamb seekh kebab, Amritsari fish and onion bhajia.

Main Courses

Chicken Shahi Korma - £8.85

From the kitchen of royals, our korma recipe comes from Avadh region, with chicken breast pieces simmered in cashew nut based creamy sauce.

Contains nuts

Chicken Dum Pukht - £8.95

One of our signature dishes! House smoked succulent chicken in rich saffron sauce, sealed and finished in oven.

Contains nuts

Chicken Tawa Masala - £8.95

Grilled chicken tikkas flavoured with fresh garlic and green chillies, finished in a spicy tomato curry.

Butter Chicken - £8.95

Our take on the national dish!! Tandoori chicken tikka simmered in a satin smooth tomato gravy.

Contains nuts

Konkani Chicken Sukha - £8.95

From the western coast of India, this semi dry chicken masala is cooked with green chillies, coriander, roasted cumin seeds and garam masala.

Chicken Malabari Curry - £8.85

Spicy chicken tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds, asafoetida simmered in coconut sauce.

Lamb Rogan Josh - £9.95

A Kashmiri delicacy! Spring lamb slow cooked with Kashmiri chillies, cinnamon, cardamom, with a hint of saffron.

Hyderabadi Lamb Curry - £9.95

Spicy lamb tempered with chillies, star anise, asafoetida simmered in rich creamy coconut sauce.

Kadhai Lamb - £9.95

Tender house smoked spring lamb cooked with peppers, ginger, Kashmiri chillies and cinnamon.

Palak Gosht - £9.95

Succulent lamb simmered with spinach, garam masala, enriched with cashew nut paste.

Contains nuts

Lamb Shank Patiala Shahi - £14.95

A delicacy from royal kitchen of Patiala, spring lamb shank braised in caramelised onion gravy.

Goan Tiger Prawn Curry (S) - £12.95

Tiger prawns tempered with asafoetida, simmered in a spicy Goan coconut sauce.

Fish Tawa Masala - £10.85

Pan seared fillet of fish flavoured with roasted cumin and fresh garlic, finished in tangy tomato gravy.

Seabass Kerala Curry (S) - £14.95

Fillet of seabass infused with chilli, ginger, curry leaves, mustard seeds and lime, served in a coconut and onion gravy.

From the Tandoor

Barrah Lamb Chops - £11.95

Char grilled lamb chops marinated with fresh ginger, fenugreek, cinnamon and garam masala.

Tandoori Salmon Laajawab (S) - £11.75

Honey glazed salmon marinated with dill, mustard and chilli, smoked in tandoor.

Chicken Tikka Tiranga - £8.85

An assortment of Malai chicken tikka, Hariyali chicken tikka and Achari chicken tikka.

Contains nuts

Lasooni Tandoori Tiger Prawn (S) - £14.65

Tandoor grilled tiger prawns flavoured with garlic, chilli, fresh lime and mustard.

Paneer Tikka (v) - £8.75

Indian cheese marinated with cumin, chilli, turmeric and lime, grilled in tandoor.

Seekh Kebab - £8.95

Succulent lamb mince skewers infused with fresh mint, ginger and garlic.

Raas Leela Tandoori Grills - £14.95

An assortment of chicken tikka Hariyali, chicken tikka Achari, Adraki lamb chops, Lasooni tiger prawns, all grilled in tandoor.


Nawabi Chicken Biryani - £9.75

Chicken dum cooked with aromatic basmati rice, saffron, cardamoms and garam masala.

Gosht Dum Biryani - £10.85

Slow cooked spring lamb with aromatic basmati rice, spices, flavoured with saffron and kewra.

Contains nuts

Prawn Biryani (S) - £13.95

Prawns infused with aromatic spices and cooked with basmati rice.


Palak Paneer

Paneer and spinach curry enriched with cashew nut paste.

Side Order - £3.95
Main - £7.95

Aloo Gobhi Shimla Mirch

A perfect combination of potato and cauliflower with peppers.

Side Order - £3.95
Main - £7.85

Dal Tadka

Yellow lentils tempered with cumin, chilli, garlic and ghee.

Side Order - £3.65
Main - £7.85

Dal Makhni

Black lentils simmered overnight with delicate spices and butter.

Side Order - £3.75
Main - £7.85

Kadhai Paneer

Paneer cooked with onions, bell peppers, chillies and coriander.

Side Order - £3.95
Main - £7.95

Bombay Aloo

Stir fried potatoes tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger and coriander.

Side Order - £3.75
Main - £7.85

Vegetable Jaipuri

Stir fried mixed seasonal vegetables finished in thick masala gravy.

Side Order - £3.85
Main - £7.85


Zafrani Pulao - £3.65

Saffron flavoured aromatic basmati rice

Kerala Coconut Rice - £3.75

Basmati rice in coconut milk and flavoured with mustard seeds and curry leaves

Steam Rice - £2.65

Long grain steamed basmati rice

Jeera Rice - £2.95

Cumin tempered basmati rice


Tandoori Roti - £1.95

Traditional Indian whole wheat bread baked in a clay oven.

Naan - £2.85

Traditional Indian yeast bread baked in a Tandoor.

Choice of plain, butter, garlic or chilli

Peshawari Naan - £3.25

Refined flour bread with filling of coconut, raisins and almonds, baked in a tandoor.

Lachcha Parantha - £3.25

Whole wheat layered bread baked in a tandoor.

Keema Naan - £3.75

Refined flour bread with filling of minced lamb, baked in a tandoor.


Yoghurt - £1.95

Raita - £1.95

Papadoms - £0.50

Chutneys - £0.50


Gajar Ka Halwa - £4.65

Sweet carrot pudding flavoured with cardamom and almonds.

Contains nuts

Gulab Jamun - £3.95

Milk and flour dumplings fried and soaked in a saffron syrup.

Contains nuts

Rasmalai - £4.25

Cheese dumpling soaked in saffron flavoured milk.

Contains nuts

Kulfi - £3.75

Indian ice cream made from thickened milk.

Please ask server for the available flavours.

Ice Creams - £3.85

Please ask our server for our house selection