About Us

Raas which means aesthetics and Leela which means play or dance, roughly translates to Dance of Aesthetics! Raas Leela is a traditional Indian dance of celebration and divine love.

Here at Raas Leela we celebrate Indian cuisine in its true original form. We are neither fusion nor contemporary with our food - we simply strive to achieve the perfect "home-like" taste, using classical recipes and cooking methods.

Raas Leela's tale dates back to 20 years ago, when our award winning chef and partner Tarun Chadha passed out of the Institute of Hotel Management, India. Over the years he has trained and worked with the masters of Indian cuisine for more than a decade.

Chef Tarun has worked with various reputed restaurants, including travelling around the world with Hollywood Film catering as an Indian speciality chef. Mrs Shivani Chadha, the restaurant manager and partner, has worked with the finest restaurants in India.

We promise you a divine celebration of food, cooked with love. Let us entice you with our food and make sure you enjoy your experience here. Entrance yourself in a true taste of India's finest.